Hi there! I’m Christine, the author behind the lens at Storyteller Photography.

I’m a wife, a mom, and a foodie that rarely cooks.

I love Coca-Cola with crushed ice and pretty things that sparkle. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I live my life like an open book.

I have an eye for design, I enjoy people and I love color!

I am constantly awestruck at the Divine creativity on display in the world around us.

I am a natural light photographer, which is a fancy way of saying I don’t use artificial flash. I prefer to capture you in natural, golden sunlight.

I have an organic approach to photography that allows your story to unfold spontaneously. I strive to capture authentic connections, subtle nuances that speak volumes! The twinkle in your Beloved’s eye, the look of wonderment (or mischief!) on your child’s face, and sometimes even the despair that’s caught in a moment of grief. These are the stories I love to tell. The ones that require no words.

When Inspiration falls, I enhance images with Scripture.

I’ve been told that the words I attach to pictures often have a deep and profound impact on those who receive them.

In addition to photographing people, I also love to photograph homes!

I provide professional photography services for many esteemed Realtors in the Central Valley.

I am available for on location photo shoots of your family’s special celebrations such as weddings, births, anniversaries & adoptions.

I specialize in bereavement photography at any age and am a proud Affiliate Photographer for NILMDTS.

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